What Is Cold Therapy / Cryotherapy ? – Description, Benefits, Purpose

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Howdy Freak ! In this blog post you are going to learn something brand new. This post will be about Cold Therapy popularly known as Cryotherapy. You will get to know about its benefits, uses and proper purposes.

I will be keeping this post brief. This will help you to figure out the points more efficiently. Also everyone has the idea that Cold Therapy and Cryotherapy are completely same. But in this post you will get to know the very minor difference between them. This will help you to classify both of them in a good pace.

You will learn the benefits of both of them. This will help you to choose the correct technique at correct time. So Lets Get Started !

1. What is Cold Therapy / Cryotherapy ?

Cold Therapy is a medium or art of relaxation. This technique is generally adopted by body builders after their workout session. Generally to adopt this method they either take a cold steam of shower or immerse them in a bathtub full of ice cubes or chilled water.

This is a latest technique performed by many well known body builders. It has several body benefits and promotes muscle recovery and growth in a better way.

This therapy is generally set after a gym session but it is not mandatory. You can take it anytime of the day as the results will be almost same. A cold session of 7 to 15 minutes is more than enough for your body.

Cryotherapy is the same technique of cold compression but it is preferably used when a person is suffering from muscle injury, soreness or tissue injury locally. Both the techniques are almost same as the method of preparation and implementation of both the methods are same.

This technique was discovered from heat compression methodology. Also it shows a significant amount of body benefits specially in the body of a fitness enthusiast.

2. How to take a Cold Therapy?

Cold Therapy is generally performed after a strenuous workout session. This helps in muscle recovery, growth, reduces muscle soreness and helps to get rid of tissue stiffness.

Simply keep a bathtub ready with chilled water. You can either pour chilled water in the bath tub or put a good quantity of ice cubes in a bath tub filled with normal water. Choice is yours !

Immerse your body completely in the bathtub. There is no time restriction until and unless you are feeling uneasy.

Make sure not to extend the time more than your body capacity. After immersing your body completely ( except your head and neck ), perform deep breathing. Inhale slowly, hold your breath for 5 seconds to 7 seconds. Exhale slowly and then again hold your breath for 5 seconds to 7 seconds. This will create a well established mind connection with your body and improve your recovery rate.

After getting the cold therapy for the desired amount of time. Preferably 7 minutes to 15 minutes, you can come out of the water and get dry well. Make sure not to expose your body immediately to a scorching sun or heat for a minimum of 30 minutes after getting cold therapy.

You can practice this technique twice a week for better muscle recovery process and several other health benefits.

3. Benefits of Cold Therapy


While performing heavy workout session your tissues and muscles fibers gets ruptured due to strain. This creates a muscle soreness in your affected body part.

Having a cold therapy can generally reduce this muscle soreness and help your tissues to get recover at a faster rate. Cold treatment helps in reducing the soreness in a definite amount of time.

Due to this fact it improves your muscle recovery rate.


Due to muscle and tissue rupture, your body needs a more amount of energy to cure the affected part. This makes you feel more fatigue and encrypts you in a tiredness phase throughout the day after your gym sessions.

To improve this you can have a small duration of cold therapy. Cold therapy makes you feel less fatigue as it makes your blood movement and response time relatively slower. This helps to create a sensation of less neural balance in your affected part.

Hence, your body requires less amount of energy for that particular part to cure it over the span of time.


Generally it has been observed that a person who is not having a cold therapy takes a longer time to heal his muscles than the person who is having it on regular basis.

This happens because due to cold compression the muscle fibers and tissues gets a better recovery process. The swelling and soreness gets reduced at a faster pace. The energy required by the body to cure the affected part gets reduced to half.

For this reason the healing capacity of your body gets increased. Having a cold therapy twice a week can prove to be very beneficial for your body.


Cold Therapy not only helps in your muscle recovery. But also improves your energy level. Due to less investment of energy in your affected body part, body stimulates the reserved energy throughout your system for the whole day.

Also as you know your metabolism rate is highly affected by your body’s energy. Keeping the reserved energy actually benefits your body by increasing your metabolism rate.


It is not a very latest technique to apply a cold compression to reduce inflammation. Cold Therapy is just an advance segment of applying cold compression to whole body at a same time.

Cold Therapy reduces the muscles soreness and heals the tissue rupture phase in a very fast manner. This helps in reducing body inflammation and soothes down the affected part for a considerate amount of time.

This technique is very beneficial for the person who gets indulged in heavy gym workouts. They tend to get more tissue rupture and muscle inflammation.

4. What is the difference between Cold Therapy and Cryotherapy ?

Till now you must be well aware of what is cold therapy. Cold Therapy and Cryotherapy is both referred to as same but has a very simple minor difference.

Cold Therapy is used in regular basis like twice in a week. You can immerse yourself completely in a chilled bath tub or have a cold steam shower. This is done as a routine part to get the maximum benefit of your gym sessions.

But when it comes to the topic of cryotherapy, it is little bit different. Cryotherapy is a type of first aid treatment in which cold compression is given to an external injured part in human body. It is applied in a particular local part. The method is same that is to apply cold compression by using ice but its not a daily practice. You can take ice compression on the injured part for couple of days till you get relaxed with the soreness and muscle fatigue.

Now you must be aware about both the topics. Do comment below to tell your technique which you follow.

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