The Difference of Opinions – A Complete Disagreement?

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You must have heard this line somewhere, someday for sure – What seems 6 for you might be 9 for the other person to your opposite side. It is quite clear by this sentence that on what segment we are going to talk today. So, let us dive today in the depth of this topic. Basically, it is about two different opinions coming from two mindsets resulting in positive/negative results. Confused? Don’t worry. This small article – “The Difference of Opinions – A Complete Disagreement?” will clear every sort of confusion and I bet at the end of this article you will have a clear 360-degree view.

Disagreements can occur due to several factors and they cannot be covered in a single topic. Different circumstances can lead to disagreements. Our focus for this article is disagreements occurring because of the difference in opinions.

Every person in this universe has a completely different mindset and we cannot change them. We don’t have that right to comment as well. Different mindset means different nature, a different perspective, different thinking. In these all cases, it is very obvious that there will be a clash in their agreements. Here, lies the scenario of 6 and 9.

If you are saying or giving your agreement to me and at the same time I am giving you a different agreement it does it means we both are wrong or hold an incorrect agreement for each other. Both agreements or advices can fetch you the same result and benefit you in the same way.

This is a very common scenario which happens between family members, couples, friends, relatives, neighbours. Everybody can experience this situation. So, how to deal with it? Is every time the other person’s opinion will be correct? Every time will you have to compromise with your opinion? Or will you stand with your opinion firmly every time? How to deal? Here is the solution –

Whenever this type of scenario happens remember to follow three steps rule – QTE rule. Q stands for Quitely listen and give yourself a minimum of 60 seconds time to process it, T stands for Think properly when you are quite and processing your brain to find the solution and to get the right answer/agreement and lastly, but most important step is E which stands for Execution. If you will immediately start judging the other person’s argument then you did not give yourself a “quiet” time to process the argument and chances are very high that your decision will fail because ‘a haste decision is a bad decision’.

Listen” is the keyword here. After throwing your argument or hearing the other person’s argument quietly try to listen and figure out at first – Let us place that decision in mine and then think about the result. It might happen after thinking in that way you will find that if you would opt your decision statement then results fetched would have been 50% only, while the other person’s decision statement can fetch you up to 90% result. Never ever bring your ego in these type of situations. If your ego will play the role instead of your brain then, there will be definitely a complete disagreement and failure chances will be 100%.

A difference of opinion is something which no one can ever control. But a complete disagreement between each other is something which can be controlled by applying mutual negotiation fundamentals. It simply states that place your opinion, listen to other’s opinion, think about all the opinions properly while keeping your mind calm and meditative and ultimately mutually execute the best one. Never ever think you are the best and no one’s opinion can be better than yours. If you have this mindset then you need to change his mindset immediately. Nobody is perfect hence, try to chase excellence instead of becoming perfect.

People often gets annoyed hearing someone else’s decision and start an unnecessary argument. This is the first step of the topic’s disagreement and the ultimate result will be zero. Now you can ask what if we know the other person’s opinion is wrong and ours is right, and the other person is not ready to hear us? If this case arises then, buddy you are with the wrong set of people. You need to change your group.

A proper group can be classified as a group in which everyone has trust in others, listen to everyone’s opinions, give them value and respect. If the other person seems to be adamant and not ready to hear your opinion you can silently leave them with their own decision and move forward with your own. You do not need to consider their single word at all. When then can’t respect your opinion or hear and process it once, none of their words should affect you. Move on with your own opinion calmly instead of arguing and wasting your time.

Once you develop this mindset of seeing other person’s six for your vision of nine then you will be able to easily make a quick shift decision. Your processing capacity will increase and there will be mutual respect. If you are moving backwards from your decision keeping the other person’s decision in priority list do not consider or think this as a compromise. You are not compromising. You are just making the situation easier and lightweight. But yes, always remember ONLY move back step from your opinion after implementing QTE rule.

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