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Suppose you want to travel somewhere. Let’s name it as location A. Similarly, there is another person who wants to travel to location B. So, what will you do? Choose the path which leads to the destination A or start to watch the other person’s path and choose the path which leads to destination B. It is quite easy to judge the answer. But in real life, we often fail to have this perspective. We start to compare with others. There lifestyle, fields, paths, belongings and everything we get a glimpse of them. So, from today learn this mantra ” Stop Comparing yourself with others because – Everybody is totally different and has there own complete different set of journey. “

This is the most common scenario which you have encountered at least once in your lifestyle. That is – Comparison. I will suggest you read once again the top few lines of this post. The destination and travel example. Like the similar way, everyone has their own separate destination, separate path and separate stability. Everybody is unique in all the features.

You might be hearing your comparison with others often. Your friends might do it, your neighbours, relatives or in fact your family members. There might be only a few lucky who have not being compared till date. You can either find this comparison as your motivation or can grasp it and feel inferior throughout your life, losing your motivation.

There are two basic possibilities here which you can follow – First: You can listen to the tip of the comparison made by someone. Making that comparison tip to rule over you, think calmly. Is that comparison right? Is it worthy? If yes, then take it as your motivation, work for it patiently, learn and grow from it. Second: If you already find that, the comparison made is of no value then simply discard it and don’t give it another thought. Remember, fish and monkeys are two different creatures. One rule in water and another on the branches of high trees. Both are expert in their own fields. If interchanged they will fail to show the results.

Learn to find your own path. Focus on it and show yourself the results. In this showoff generation and the imitation world, it is not what other people will think. It is what how you will feel and think at the end of the day. Making others happy, jealous, angry, sad, envy won’t fetch you “your” results. Similarly, comparing with others won’t fetch you your goal. “Nobody” posts their sadness or problems in social media platforms like Facebook, Chats or Instagram. I repeat “Nobody”. Most post their success pictures, materialistic objects. So if you are comparing that factor with yourself or your belongings then you need to think twice about it.

Never ever create your reflection in some other person’s frame. It’s good to have a “sporty” competition, not comparison. Once you start to create a “comparison” frame at the same moment you start to develop anxiety, jealously, lose self-interest and lose motivation. There is a very minor percentage of chance, that you will take the made comparison sportingly and learn from it. And to be very honest only few people can afford it to think in that direction. Rest are in fact ready to chose the wrong path to reach the other person’s level. And finally, they become prey of their own dreams and land up falling in pits.

You possess a different mindset, different identity, different thinking, different IQ, different logic, different living, so why will you compare yourself with others in terms of any field? Learn to identify yourself, your own qualities. This is something which “YOU” have to figure it out yourself – Your strengths, weaknesses, excellence. Everybody is unique and for “THIS” reason you don’t need to compare yourself or hear comparisons. Focus on your own track and when you will watch the results you will be overwhelmed and feel confident about yourself.

Your mindset is everything. I always tell this line to everyone. Do not let someones else’s opinion enter your mindset. If you are keeping your door of mindset open it will get interfered either from suggestions, comparisons, tips or opinions. Take tips, take opinions, take suggestions from your elders, friends, family but at the same time use your own mindset to find the right path for you. Do what you feel is best for you. In this way, if you win you will get utmost satisfaction and confidence and incase if you lose you will learn something new and get experience from it. There will nobody to be blamed for the decision you took and you will not feel the guilt and regret.

If you really want to compare with someone / have a comparison with someone then, better do it with yourself. You are your best competitor. Build a better version of yours every day. Make yourself your competitor, have a competition with yourself. Try to learn from your past mistakes, learn every day, grow every day instead of getting compared or comparing yourself from any third party person. Let the positive vibe in you resonate every second.

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