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Motivation – What comes in your mind when you hear this word? Getting charged and energetic after listening to some great speeches, watching great inspiring videos or hearing awesome podcasts or stories? Of course yes. However, have you ever tried to become your own motivation? Only a few people have this visibility. But yes, you can tune yourself as well. So stay tuned with this short article “Motivate yourself to Motivate others – Self Energy Feed Rule” and learn how to change and implement your process thoughts.

Before going into the depth let’s break the topic of the article part-wise and try to understand. I guess from the first part it’s quite clear that you need to motivate yourself: that is you need to have the full motivation fuel inside you to motivate others. If you yourself are lacking motivation then it is impossible to lit someone else’s soul. This is named as self-energy feed rule. Which states that you need to constantly feed yourself with energy, motivations, positive thoughts so that this process of motivation chain can be in a continuous form.

Let me ask you a question. What do you generally do when you feel demotivated or not willing to do something? It can be related to anything. Either you are not enough motivated to start afresh career, either you are not motivated to choose the right path for yourself, either you are not enough motivated to take proper decisions for your closed ones or it can be as simple as either you are not feeling motivated to do your regular daily tasks. It can happen with any of us. And if, during this tenure, if somebody approaches you in the same state you can never motivate them or give them correct advice. So it is very necessary to keep your inner fire always burning up.

Motivation is something which you need to always have in yourself at the topmost level to do any work. Whether it can be an extremely minor work or extreme major task. You always need it every time every day till your last breath. A person without motivation is similar to a dead person. But is it always possible to keep your motivation high? Is it always possible to feel good and motivated? The answer is no. You can’t expect to feel every time full, energized and good. This is life. It is full of lots of ups and downs. But yes you can always expect from yourself that whatever happens in your life you can regain your motivation very quickly and instantly.

Many people complain that why do they lose motivation after a few days of reading some great motivational book. They will be in their full energized form, fully motivated for few days after reading the book or hearing some great person’s speech but after few days the effect goes away and they come to the same loop.

The answer is very simple. Imagine yourself as a small tree and motivation as water. Here only difference comes that a tree cannot water itself but humans can motivate themselves. Now if you don’t water the tree at frequent intervals will the tree survive? It can survive for a few days or a month at max but after that, it will be dead. The same thing happens to incase of humans. If they keep on feeding themselves with motivations and energies they will keep growing and after a long time, a point will come that it will be a part of his/her life. He/She won’t have to feed it because it will become his daily habit and become an automated process.

Now the question arises from where to self motivate yourself. You can definitely listen to good motivational podcasts, watch great videos and attend motivational talks. They will greatly help you. But our article’s prime focus is “Self Energy Feed Rule“. You cannot always listen to speeches, casts or attend talks. Moreover, if you practice the rule of Self Energy Feed then you won’t require a medium or source to get motivated. You yourself will be your own motivation.

Here are the best tips to follow them:

  • Keep your mind calm and enter into a meditative mood for a couple of minutes. Take deep breathes and with each exhaling breath imagine that you are exhaling your all inner negatives and demotivating thoughts which are disturbing your soul.
  • Once you practice the first step for a couple of minutes remember your happy moments, special persons who do small things to make you happy and cheerful, remind yourself of your achievements and also how you tackled bravely during your past dark times. The way you proved yourself to be brave and broke the dark bubble which surrounded you once.
  • You must have thought during your old bad days that you won’t come out of it. But you did. So remember this thing and motivate yourself.
  • Last but the most important thing. Place yourself in front of a mirror and remind yourself that you doing your best and the same you will follow in your all sort of upcoming times whether good or odd. Remember, your subconscious mind plays a very big role in transforming you. So, always feed yourselves with good, positive thoughts and be your own motivation.

Once this fuel starts to burn inside you, practice the above steps daily and regularly. This will help your inner motivation to keep burning. It is not always possible to have positive thoughts, feel energized and motivated but at the same time, it is possible that every time you feel negative, cover your thoughts with positivity energy, if you are feeling drained and demotivated follow the above steps. Follow these positive steps for a minimum of 15-20 minutes and watch out the results.

If you are using this “Self Energy Feed” rule then you will be overflowing with motivations and positive energy inside you. Even you yourself can watch these visible changes after a few days of practice. Now the most important part – Always motivate others to do the tasks which they think is quite impossible. ( But for obvious – the tasks which are genuine and possible ). Jumping off a cliff is not a sign of motivation but foolishness. Once you are fully motivated you will see how it becomes so easy to motivate others. Whether giving them decisions, piece of advice or motivating them, if you are motivated yourself then you can definitely motivate others at the same time. This process is like a complete flow from higher potential to lower potential.

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