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Life. Isn’t it the most precious thing which one can leverage to have? Do you know among the findings: Overthinking is a national epidemic among young and middle-aged adults but is relatively rare among older adults: 73 per cent of 25-35 year-olds overthink compared to 52 per cent of 45-55 year-olds and just 20 per cent of 65-75 year-olds. Are you one of them? Then this article is definitely for you. Let’s dive in how to stop overthinking and live an absolutely happy and cheerful life.

Now think of a circumstance or I should rather say an imaginary negative situation. As soon as you start thinking I guarantee you that you start to feel depressed and sad. This happens automatically due to your body chemical reactions. Are you sure what you thought will definitely going to happen? Absolutely not! This was just your mere imagination.

You wasted your time, disturbed your mindset and lost your productivity due to your own thoughts which were completely illogical and imaginary. This chain of thoughts starts building when you start to overthink about some situation. We all are busy in our daily life and it is our human tendency to have a continuous thought process.

A new study has suggested that an average person has more than 6,000 thoughts per day. This is quite normal. What’s very important and significant is that how you are processing and channelizing your thoughts. If you are channelizing it in a healthy and positive way you will have a positive outcome and the same goes with vice versa statement. Hence, stop overthinking and lead a happy life!

Let me ask you a question and give your honest reply. I am sure every reader will give the same reply. You are thinking about something and keep on thinking about that situation but there is a 99% probability that it would not happen. So the time which you have wasted thinking had benefited you anyways? All those creative imaginations which you had cluttered in your mind are they real or will they exist ever? The time wasted in those thoughts is it refundable? The answer is NO.

So why to worry or think about something which is not in your control at all. Instead of worry about something which is in your hand i.e. your present scenario, your present emotions, utilize your present time. There is a very great saying “Your past is like something which you can never change again. What happened so happened! Your future is unpredictable so why spoil your present-day and time thinking about it.” This is the reason why you should always focus on your present-day and scenario.

Overthinking is something that can be easily handled and controlled. You just need to have the right motivation. The time which you waste overthink should always be used to think about something positive. There is a concept of the subconscious mind. It states that what you think you become. There is a superb book “The power of the subconscious mind” by Dr Joseph Murphy. You should definitely give it a read. It states how a positive thought and negative thought can drastically change your life.

The time which you spent on overthinking you should always remind yourself – If I think more and more about the situation will the end result change? And the end answer which you will get will always be NO. The time which you spend on overthinking should always be properly channelized and utilized to do something productive for yourself.

Overthinking is like a web building process. The more you overthink the more you start building the dark web inside your mind which ultimately leaves you in tension, depression and makes you more worried unnecessarily. You might have heard this many times- Life is short. But according to me lets elaborate this statement. Life is not short, its just quite unpredictable. You need to make the most out of your everyday. That’s it. If you are spending your day in overthinking you are wasting your time. It’s a clear fact.

The time can be well utilized in doing something productive like meditation, reading books, getting involved in some fitness activities. This will not only help you to cope with overthinking but will also make you more productive, increase a good rate of good hormones ( dopamine ) in your body and make you feel motivated.

As I have mentioned above, be so busy in your daily routine that you don’t have time to think about such situations which are completely imaginary and totally uncertain. If you get free time try to keep your mind calm and think something which is highly positive and will make you feel extremely happy. It will help you to build self-confidence and will make you feel more motivated towards your work.

These steps are like habit build up. The more you practice good steps the more you will feel motivated. Similarly, if you keep overthinking every time it will cause the same effect and will become your habit in the long run.

Your diet also plays a key role. Always treat your body as a place of worship. So keep intaking good foods which are rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats. The more you intake good foods, the more your body will respond in a healthy way.

Thoughts are something which you can never control until you have an extremely strong meditative mind. But diverting the thoughts and focussing on your work and daily routine is something which you can definitely do.

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