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Failure – What comes in your mind after you hear this word? If you are one of those- who get nervous, anxious or extremely depressed after you hear or feel this term, then this article is for you. This topic is not only or how to overcome your fear of failure but also to self-heal and repair yourself. Our biological system is a complex structure but if you know how to master and simplify it, you can easily sort your fear, anxiety, stress and emotions. So let’s dive into the article “How to overcome Fear of Failure?” without further delay.

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A person can categorize his/her failure according to their own vision, thinking and perspective. The conditions can be – failure in examinations, failure in personal life, jobs, relationships or any type of failure. But you know what is the interesting part – Failure can be of any type but the solution is just one and can be followed in a few simple steps which we are going to discuss in this article. It does not matter what is your type of failure, the solution structure is the same and works for all types, situations, places and applies to everyone.

Before getting the solution let us try to get a brief about what is fear? Fear is actually nothing but your own imaginary, natural emotions. We are not talking about the fear of objects here. Like some people fear reptiles, some people fear height, some fear dogs and so on. Here we are talking about the fear of “failure“. So try to understand the logic behind this “fear” term. It is an imaginary situation which you are pre-thinking before committing to actual action. In simplified terms it is like – What if I fail in launching a business?? What if I fail in cracking this examination?? If I lose my job due to some reason?? What if my relationship fail?? So, this is basically your thought process to get failed before you are actually failing ( There can be a great probability that you might not fail only ).

So here you can draw two conclusions. First, Have you ever heard the concept of the power of the subconscious mind? Like what you think you become, what your mind thinks you get attracted towards it. Similarly, if you are thinking about your failures in any field your mind will attract that negativity and your chances of failure will be doubled. Although before your thought process there was no such scenes for your chances of failure. It is you who attracted the failure.

Secondly, your body automatically starts to decrease the production of Endorphins, Dopamine, Serotonin, and Oxytocin in your body. These hormones are known as “happy hormones” which are responsible to keep you happy, cheerful and motivated. But once your “failure” thought process starts you have automatically initiated your lower down process. Hence, you won’t find the previous motivation, feel anxious and depressed. Everybody thinks about the negative side for their any tasks or platform they are in to. So is there any way to get rid of this fear of failure and break the imaginary barrier? Absolutely YES.

You just need to follow few simple steps and here wo go –

  • Control your mind – This is the preliminary stage of “fear of failure”. Before acting/doing something you are predicting that what if you fail? This will not only degrade your potential but also demotivate you highly. It is correct to “Hope for best and prepare for worst”. Here comes the word “prepare“. You should be prepared for the worst-case scenario with your alternate plans instead of getting demotivated thinking “in case” if you fail. I always say this thing that your sub-conscious mind plays a very big role in attracting things to you. So never deposit fear or any sort of negative vibes in your mind especially before working on your dreams, tasks or acting on something.
  • Note down – This is an important step. Many times when you start to imagine something your mind gets overloaded and there you miss a few points. So, it is always best to note down your thoughts and feelings. Make a small chart and update it with your ideas, implementations, your fears, plans. Focus on your implementation part instead of the fear part. Definitely, you should consider your fear section but after considering make sure to find the best possible solution to erase that fear column from your chart. Strike it off and you will feel great after that. Try it out!
  • Learn what is a failure – Remember here we are not considering failure after performing something. Here we are mainly focussing on predicting failure which is worse. There are two paths which you can conclude. Either treat your failure / predict your failure as your last chance, get depressed, lost and land in a more miserable stage of life OR treat your failure as a “learning experience“. Learn from it, get up and move on. The path which you chose determines your future.
  • I always suggest that share your feelings and emotions with your good friends, family members. This eases your burden and makes you feel good. If you find no one, you can instead stand in front of the mirror and get this done by yourself as well. Learn to practice meditation, read good books, get involved in fitness activities. It will keep you positive. Try to find a solution to every problem, not a problem for every solution.

Remember, nobody is perfect and no one is born with excellence. It is you who has to find a path every time. Failures and success are part of life. You will receive both in your life. It is for sure. But you know what is worse? When you fail to do something before you have done it. This fear of failure will grab your feet and you will stay miserable and unhappy. So learn to fight with it, treat it as your illusion and always remember nobody has seen future so why are you predicting your failure beforehand.

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