Effective Lifestyle Tips To Stay Healthy In This Pandemic : COVID – 19


Everyone has now become quite familiar with COVID 19 and how drastically it has changed everyone’s life. In this pandemic each and everyone is struggling to get back and lead their old normal life. The purpose of this blog post is how to ” Stay Healthy In This Pandemic – COVID – 19 “.

With over 13 M cases worldwide and a death toll of 578K *, this pandemic is taking a serious turn day by day. The rising cases has took an exponential curve. During this time it is very necessary to stay fit and healthy. ( *data as per 15th July, 2020 )

So here are few basic yet vital tips to stay great in this dangerous situation.


This is the most important subject which you should take care of. Maintain a very simple and healthy diet. Have a small meal plan of 3 – 4 meals in a day. In this crucial period try to have simple homemade food.

Include fruits and specially green vegetables in your meal plan. Citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, pineapples, Indian gooseberries proves to be a great immunity booster. Include a good dosage of them in your evening snacks.

Avoid oily foods, processed foods, canned foods and fast foods. This will not only help you to boost your immunity but also prevent you from this contagious disease.

Do not overcook the vegetables as it will lose its nutritional properties. Remember to wash them properly before cooking or consuming.


You can place the raw fruits and vegetables in a bowl of warm water with one tablespoon of baking soda for 1 hour. After keeping them for 1 hour, wash them thoroughly. It will help to remove the pesticides and harmful chemicals present in the outer coat of the fruits and vegetables.


Your body needs a minimum of 7 hours good sleep to function properly. Specially, during this COVID situation most of the employees are doing work from home. So, do not get over stressed with your work.

Remember to have a good sleep of 7 hours everyday. Work is a continuous process that will carry on for lifetime. Doing over time and not getting proper rest is not at all advisable in this stage. You need to take proper care of yourself so that you can give your full focus on your work. Try to minimize your stress level.

If you are facing issues in getting a good sleep cycle you can practice few things like :

Taking a hot shower before going to bed, Keeping the room dark as much as possible, For good aroma you can burn a couple of good incense sticks before going to bed, Do not have a heavy meal atleast 2 hours before going to bed, Try to meditate for 20 minutes before going to bed.


It is extremely important for you to stay highly active in this phase. All the gyms, jogging tracks and fitness clubs are closed due to this pandemic. Hence, you have to find a proper solution to stay active during this phase. Otherwise, you can get triggered with high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes and obesity issues.

If you own a big terrace or space where you can do brisk walking you can opt for that. Brisk walking for 30 minutes will be quite beneficial for you. You can get involved in activities such as skipping, stretching, yoga’s, push ups. If you own a small space in which you have few gym equipment’s you can opt to choose it. Maintain a regularity and discipline to spend atleast 30 to 45 minutes everyday doing fitness exercises.


In this phase almost all the employees are doing work from home. So it is very important to take a break of 10 minutes in every hour. This will help you in maintaining your focus, prevent muscle cramps, back pain and improve your spinal strength.

Working continuously for a long time will decrease your eye sight in long run, make your mindset and concentration low and will make you more agitated towards your work.


It is very important for you to maintain your body water cycle. Drink a minimum of 3 litres water everyday.

Avoid drinking chilled water. Instead, prefer to have warm water every time. This will help you to boost your immune system and also to stabilize your gut bacteria which is very important for your digestion and metabolism.


Increase the amount of intake of nutritional foods. Lentils, green vegetables, beans, broccoli, spinach, yogurt, almond, avocados are few popular sources of immunity booster foods (super-foods).

In this crucial time it is very important to keep your immunity and metabolism healthy. Your gut is the major region which is responsible for your 80 % diseases. So keep it healthy !


Meditation is the technique which everyone should follow. Whether it is lock-down period, COVID – 19 duration or normal routine, you should adopt this habit.

It will benefit you in several ways. Reduce your work stress, Improves your concentration, Makes you less stressful, Will reduce your anxiety and keep your mental connection fit. Make a habit of practicing meditation for a duration of 30 minutes everyday.


This is specially for the employees who are involved in work from home process. Take a nap of 15 – 20 minutes in a time interval of every 3 hours. It will help you to develop more focus and increase your work indentation.

Taking a nap reduces feeling of sleepiness and promotes a better sense of alertness.There is also evidence to suggest daytime naps may decrease blood pressure in some individuals.


The time has gone when you use to order online food and treat yourself. No matter how much safely your food is being handled or how efficiently “no contact delivery” is working. Please restrict yourself from outside foods specially during these months.

Also don’t entertain yourself to have fast foods and beverages.

Outside food will not only harm your immune system but will increase the rate of getting affected with COVID – 19. Don’t take this risk until and unless its too urgent for you to have outside food.


It is scientifically proven that if you wake up early you will be more productive throughout the day. This generally happens because you get ample time to finish your daily work on time. For this reason you feel more motivated.

You can wake up early, grab a glass of warm lemon water and invest 45 minutes in meditation, yoga’s or any fitness related activities.This is the best thing which you can do in this phase. This will develop your body connection as well as build a stronger foundation for your mind.


If you are a person who spends a lot of time in-front of laptop then you should definitely read this section.

It does not matters whether you are a working professional, student or someone who leisurely spends a lot of time in-front of laptop, monitor or television. You should always maintain a correct posture. Do not sit with a constant position for a long time.

In this lock-down time everyone is spending a high amount of time ‘sitting’. Make sure not to sit at a same place for long time. Take frequent small breaks and develop a habit of adapting to right posture.

This will benefit your spinal cord, back structure and shoulder plates.


Do I need to remind you how important social distancing has become ?

Please do not step outside of your house. This is the key mantra.

For any urgent reason if you have to step out please follow the rules of social distancing. Always wear a high quality mask. Do invest few extra bucks while purchasing a mask because there should be no compromise with your health. Wash your hands often.

Always carry hand sanitizers with you. These days hand sanitizers are available in spray form making it easier to use them.


Your mind plays a very vital role. Have an optimistic vision no matter how worse the situation is.

Becoming depressed, tensed or worried will only worsen the situation. You won’t be able to draw a definite conclusion from it. So always stay highly motivated and develop a positive attitude.

Stay Home ! Stay Safe !

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