Complete Review About Depression- Definition, Symptoms, Risk Factors, Treatment, Bipolar Disorder.


In this article we will be covering the complete discussion set about Depression. This post will give you a complete degree view for what depression is, its definition, symptoms, treatment and the major risk factors. Is it curable ? If yes, then what are the possible ways to get rid of this problem ? I have tried to keep this document as crisp as possible. So lets get started !


Depression is a mental disorder that has a severe negative impact on your mental and physical health. It is a mental illness which impacts your mood tremendously. A feeling of anger, loss, low self-esteem, guilt, energy drain is accompanied in your day to day life.

A person possessing certain health diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, cancer or any type of cardiovascular disease are more often liable to get triggered by this mental illness.

Depression is not a disease which can be cured within a short span. If proper medications or treatment is not chosen at right time it can last for weeks, months and even years.

According to a researched global data more than 18% people are suffering from depression worldwide. Half of them are even not aware that they are suffering. This is the saddest part !

It is not a disease which shows external symptoms like visible marks, vomiting or headache. Rather, it affects a person’s mental status.


2.1. Genetics / Family History

Genetics play a major role in carrying a disease or disorder from one generation to another. It is not a pure evident fact that depression is always carried with genetics but yes, it is one of the responsible factor for the cause of depression.

2.2. Drug Use

Excessive amount of alcohol usage, smoking and consumption of harmful foreign particles have proved to be a major transmitter for depression. This case is found mostly in late teenagers and young adults who are addicted to high drug usage.

2.3. Medical Condition

Often a secondary medical condition leads to depression. A person general suffering from a medical condition which includes fluctuations in their insulin level or any disease which affects the movement of their neurotransmitters in their brain suffers from depression as a side effect of the primary disease.

2.4. Childhood Trauma

Bad or uncanny incidents are part of everyone’s life. Some people are capable of overcoming it while few suffer to get out of it.

Specially, during childhood or during teenager phase if the incident gets badly imprinted in someone’s mind, it leads to depression. The process of overthinking and repeatedly getting affected with the past incident boosts the syndrome.

2.5. Medications

It is proven that wrong use of medication or an overdose of it has an adverse affect on the brain, which can lead to depression. Drugs specially antiviral drugs, isotretinoin which is used mainly to treat acne when used in wrong proportions or over dosage can lead to depression.

2.6. Incidents such as Death, Grief

The trauma and pain which one feels due to his/her close ones death or any tragic incidents leaves a definite amount of mental neural stress in brain. If not taken proper care or consultation at the right time it can definitely lead to depression.


There are various symptoms for depression. Few major categories are –

3.1. Sadness

No matter in what surrounding an individual is or no matter what’s the scenario going on, if a person is suffering from depression, often they find themselves to be sad. Although, if they are in a very joyful or happy environment but after a certain period of time they gets engulfed with sadness or rather to be more precise, they become gloomy.

3.2. Anger

There is a definite amount of mood change while a person is suffering from depression. It is generally observed that a person who is suffering from depression gets agitated and angry very frequently. For a very minor change of situation they show a drastic anger towards that situation.

3.3. Hopelessness

A person who is suffering from depression suffers from this “hopelessness” phase quite often. It doesn’t matters whether he/she is achieving something in his/her life or struggling to achieve something there is a constant hopelessness in their life phase.

3.4. Guilt

A person who is suffering from hopelessness will never be able to focus in his/her career path whether it is the path of job, studies or business. So, the accomplishment result becomes very less and hence this leads to guilt.

This makes a loop from guilt to depression and from depression to guilt. Hence, it will be a never ending loop which will increase this trauma in the person day by day.

3.5. Poor Self Esteem

No matter what sort of person is suffering from depression. If he/she is going through this phase their self esteem becomes very low due to poor self confidence. They always keeps underestimating their talents and ultimately proves to be underachiever.

3.6. Loss of Interest

It is very evidently found in a depressive person, that he/she losses interest in everything. Whether its their hobby, passion, job, daily routines and in fact relationships. They will lose interest in everything and this is the most painful stage because when they start to lose interest they will eventually move towards the more darker phase of depression.

3.7. Disturbed Sleep Pattern

Often a person who suffers from depression finds it very hard to get a complete proper sleep cycle. They could not sleep properly for a definite duration of time. Sleeping becomes a very difficult task for them.

3.8. Poor Concentration

Might be the person who is suffering from depression is sitting in front of you or listening to you. But in reality they are very absent minded people. They have a very bad concentration power. Often due to this fact they tend to forget most of the things in their day to day life.

3.9. Appetite

Appetite routine / diet for a depressive person is very unstable and unpredictable. They won’t be having a definite three or four times meal structure. They might feel sometimes quite hungry and sometimes they won’t be having a desire to eat at all.

3.10. Suicidal / Self Harm Thoughts

From the above points it is quite clear now that how a person feels when he/she suffers from depression.

So, suicidal thoughts and self harm feeling is quite obvious in a depressive person. It is found that these types of person has suicidal thoughts for 7 to 8 times in a span of 24 hours.


So till now you must be quite familiar that what depression is and how a person feels. But is there any permanent solution for this illness ? Definitely yes.

But the fact is that its not an external disease that will get cured within a span of days. You have to follow the cure process very regularly and patiently. So, here are the remedies –

4.1. Psychotherapy / Medication

An individual can undergo psychotherapy regularly. A good psychiatrist makes the job easy. There are thousands of proper therapy programs which are very efficient for these types of people.

But it is always recommended that a person should opt for both, that is psychotherapy as well as medication at the same time.

If the person is in their initial stage of depression they can only opt for therapy but if they are in the higher stages they should opt for both at same time. As it will boost the recovery process and also make the person feel much better.

4.2. Exercise

A daily dosage of exercise for 40 – 45 minutes is great for this type of person. The best time is early morning when they can get fresh air and the initial sun rays. This will boost there metabolism rate and maintain the rate of Serotonin re uptake in brain.

Note : An imbalance in serotonin causes depression. Serotonin are the hormones which are responsible for well being and happiness.

4.3. Avoid alcohol and drugs

A high rate of nicotine or alcohol has an adverse affect in cardiovascular activities as well as damages a relative amount of blood cells. Due to this, it spikes the depression rate in a person’s body. Hence, the best way to lower down depression is to quit smoking, alcohol and drug usage.

It is not possible for an alcohol person or a chain smoker to quit these addictive’s in one day. They should try small term of medications which will help them to quite these gradually.

4.4. Light therapy

It is profound that light therapy significantly increases the amount of serotonin in a depressive person’s body. Hence after a due course of time he / she starts to feel better. Light therapy is a general process in which the person is exposed to artificial source of light especially white light having a certain amount of fixed wavelength.

4.5. Meditation / Yoga

This is one of the most underrated therapy. But this gives a significant amount of benefit.

A person who is suffering from depression should definitely opt for meditation for atleast 30 minutes everybody. This will not only increase the concentration within them but will also help to tackle the depression problem.

Yoga classes are another very beneficial way to get rid or lower the symptoms of this disease.

4.6. Socialize Yourself

Tell your problem to your good friends, family members. Share with them. This way you will feel better and get a high moral support.

Depressive people often commits this mistake to keep everything inside them. Never do that. Always socialize with people. If you are not able to meet them personally, make a video call or just call them and share your problems with them. It will work.

4.7. Healthy Diet / Balanced Diet

In this phase try to have a clean and healthy diet. Avoid fast foods, oily stuffs and junk foods. This will help to boost your immunity.


(Bipolar disorder) is a type of illness which people often gets confused with depression. To be precise bipolar disorder is the type of disorder which mainly deals with mood swings.

As the name suggest “Bi” and “Polar” which means two phases or dual polarity. In this disorder a person goes through a series of episodes of mood swings ranging from depressive lows to manic highs.

Almost all the symptoms and treatment process for bipolar disorder is same as depression. In this type of maniac depression, the major criteria which gets affected is the mood of the person.

All the aged people, from teenagers to old aged people can suffer from this type of disorders.


So, it does not matters whether you are a teenager, adult or an aged person. If your diagnosis for depression comes to be positive you should immediately go for a consultation.

Depression is totally curable. You have to just be confident and trust the process. Consult your doctor immediately if any of the symptoms you feel starts to spike you. There is only one life and this is the most precious thing which one can ever have. Protect it for your family members, children, relatives and most importantly protect it “for yourself“.

During this lock-down time of COVID-19 it is found that major people are getting the issues of depression. This is happening because everyone is locked in there houses for a long time.

This is a very serious topic which needs a high quality of attention.

Socialize yourself through Video chats, Conference calls. Get in touch with your close ones and talk to them atleast twice a week.

Develop a hobby. Everybody has a talent in them which they just need to figure it out. It can be painting, singing, dancing, gardening or anything which gives a sense of joy. Engage yourself for atleast 1 to 2 hours in any sort of activities.

At last don’t find yourself alone. Consult you doctor, counselor or psychiatrist. The motive is : ” Please don’t take this matter lightly. If you feel anything wrong take action immediately. Specially in this phase of COVID19 “.

In-fact you can share your problems with me as well. Drop a mail with subject “Depression” and I will definitely stand by your side.

Depression helpline :

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