How spending 15 minutes every day in meditation can change your life?


Howdy Freak! Do you want to know how spending fifteen (15) minutes every day can change your life? Yes, it can change your life drastically. So, let us dive deep inside this article which will mainly revolve around the benefits of meditation.


Have you ever seen an engine? You can consider the engine of any automobile. It can be of a motorcycle, car, airbus or any automobile. If yes, then you must be well aware that every engine needs proper maintenance, care and lubrication from time to time. Else the main element which will damage the engine will be rust.

Rust is nothing but the “own” component of an engine. Now relate this thing with your brain. Your brain is nothing but the engine of your body. It is the processing unit which is responsible for most of your feelings, hormone regulations, stability and controls your whole body. So, if you possess an engine don’t you think it will need lubrication and re-wiring?

Meditation is the key factor and major elementary solution. It will not only process your brain but also help your brain to focus in the proper direction, lubricate it, keep you calm, improve your process thoughts, help you with the good mental stability and provide thousands of benefits. The list is endless.

In this era, everything has become quite polluted whether it is our environment or it’s our mind and emotions. We all have to deal with different levels of emotional stress, anxiety, depression and mental tiredness. These factors can come to you via your office work or personal life. If you let them remain in your mind for too long they will begin to react as “rust” for your own brain. Therefore, cleansing is very essential.


To overcome all of these factors all you need is 15 minutes of meditation every day. Deep breathing practices can also help you a lot. It is recommended that the meditation duration (in minutes) = your age. It means if you are 14 years then you should do a minimum of 14 minutes meditation every day. Similarly, if you are of 25 years you should do a minimum of 25 minutes of meditation every day. However, to begin with, 15 minutes of meditation is sufficient for you.

You can slowly increase your minutes as you keep on practising. Meditation will calm your mind and will not affect you in any types of adverse situation. It will change your life drastically over a period of time. Breathing practises also contributes a high value in our life. Practising deep breathes for at least 5 to 10 minutes every day can reduce your stress level and calm your mindset tremendously.

Try to take a deep breathe slowly – hold it for three seconds and then release the breath slowly thinking that you are releasing all the toxicity from your body. Meditation and breathing practices have always proved to be great medicine.

While meditation, your prime focus should be – I am not aware of anything around me and I do NOT need anything. If you keep these two mantras in your head while meditating you will feel more burden free and relaxed.

You need to repair your brain cells which get damaged from several factors like hypertension, stress, depression or anger. Meditation is the best way to rejuvenate these cells. Just follow meditation practice for 15 minutes every day and look at how your life gets totally changed.

Purification of your negative thoughts should be your prime focus. Your brain is like a reservoir. If you don’t clean it from time to time it will get congested with algae and soon the water present in it will become infectious and polluted.

Meditation is not something which is very tough and unachievable. In the early stages, you might feel it a little bit difficult and there will be so many thoughts flashing in your mind while you are meditating. However, try to remain focussed and keep the process flow. This will upgrade your thoughts, mental stability and soon you will realise how it is changing your life.

You might have heard everywhere that meditation is very beneficial but hearing won’t help you out. Learn to implement things in your life. Then only you can feel the difference. Learn to adapt positive things, implement good vibes on yourself and watch how things change inside and outside you.

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