Beard Care : 11 Ways – How to Maintain Your Beard and Grooming Tips

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Having a good healthy beard has become a trend for this generation. Simple growing your beard won’t help to achieve your goal. You should invest a proper amount of mere time everyday. If you are among those who wants to maintain a highly dense groomed beard then this post is for you. Follow these beard and mustache care grooming tips and in no time you will have a thick manly beard. Lets Get Started !


A lot of new comers keeps on shaving their newly grown beard every-time. If you think it will give you a more thick beard next time then you are wrong. It is completely a myth. No studies has shown this proof. So, do not shave your beard or mustache next time if your aim is to have a beast beard.

Leave your beard atleast for few weeks ( 6 weeks to 8 weeks ). This will not only help your facial hair radicals to grow properly but also help you to let your beard grow peacefully. Cutting the radicals from root tip takes facial hair to generate more time and does not promote to grow it in a dense manner.


Do I need to remind you what are the benefits of washing your hair ? Obviously No ! Same is the case with your beard.

Don’t make it a storehouse of dust particles, extra oil deposition place. Keep your beard follicles healthy and oil free. I highly recommend you to wash your beard twice a week with a good quality beard shampoo.

Washing your beard with a low quality shampoo will deteriorate your beard quality, will make it frizzy and will not promote its growth. In-fact it can also cause beard to become brownish or lose its natural color soon due to chemical ingredients. So choose a branded chemical – free beard shampoo and apply it twice in a week.

Apply the shampoo and massage your roots for a couple of minutes. Leave it for next couple of minutes and then wash it away. This way you will keep your beard, oil – free and also promote its healthy growth.


People generally ignore using beard oil and this is one of their biggest mistakes they commit. If you are one of them, then stop doing this mistake. Apple a good quality beard oil ( chemical free and natural ) twice or thrice in a week.

There are several beard oils made with essential oils in the market. You just need to be smart enough to choose the correct one which is free from harmful chemicals.

Using a beard oil this way will help your beard to get proper nourishment and promote its growth. Often a dry skin leads to hair breakage and degrades the quality of beard. So add a beard oil in your daily routine immediately if you want to keep your beard’s standard high. It will make your beard softer, fuller and make it dense by increasing its growth.


When done with a proper beard shampoo and oil make sure to use a good quality beard softener or wax. You can use it specially when you are going somewhere outside.

Using a beard softener, serum or conditioner will not only keep your beard in shape but also develop a protective barrier around your beard root follicles. This will prevent dust particles from entering your root tips and keep it from away from damaging.

Make sure not to use it in excess. Due to its greasy in nature if used in excess amount it can attract more dust particles. Use a small quantity to keep your beard soft and properly nourished.

If you are using beard oil regularly then you can ignore using beard softener. Just when you are stepping outside your house you can apply a small quantity of it. Make sure to use a chemical free and organic product to maintain your beard quality.


When you leave your beard untrimmed for a longer period of time it becomes quite messy to handle. Apart from being messy, the hair strands starts losing it shape. Either you can use a good trimmer or a high quality pair of scissors to trim your beard.

Trimming your beard does not means removing the complete length of your hair. Make sure to trim only the excess grown part and bring it back to a good shape.

This will help your strands to maintain a proper shape and keep you groomed properly. Keep a habit of trimming your beard atleast twice in a month ( once in two weeks ).


This is the key tip to show your beard personality. Remove your beard from your neckline. Keeping neck beard not only makes you look messy but also hides your jawline.

You can also shave it off to bring a clear and crisp shape of your beard. While removing it keep a high focus to maintain your jawline. If your aim is to keep a well shaped beard, V-shaped or focus your manly personality I highly recommend you to remove your extra beard from your neckline.

The ultimate goal should be growing beard with a proper shape to look attractive. Follow this tip and see the ” after effect ” personality.


Using beard shampoo, conditioner, serum or oil is completely useless until and unless you comb your beard regularly.

A high quality beard comb helps your hair to grow in the correct direction and prevents ingrown hairs in the long run. Combing the hair each day will ensure all those facial hairs will grow in the right direction. This way you will avoid those unidirectional and painful ingrown facial hairs.

Combing your beard regularly with a good quality beard brush or comb will develop a good texture and keep your beard in great shape. So do follow this tip if your aim is to keep away those messy beard.


People often tends to ignore this best part of facial hair. A mustache is the key part which uplifts your personality and proves to be an add on.

If your goal is to get a complete set of proper grooming appearance then start taking proper care of your mustache too. Apply a good quality mustache balm or wax to ensure that it is in correct shape.

Keep it properly nourished and comb it regularly in the same way you choose to maintain your beard. Also, don’t forget to trim the extra hairs twice in a month.


Maintaining a highly nutritional and balanced diet promotes your hair growth. It is seen that person with obesity issues has significantly less testosterone release which decreases the hair growth.

Testosterone is primary male sex hormone and anabolic steroid. Testosterone plays a key role in promoting secondary sexual characteristics such as increased muscle and bone mass, and the growth of body hair. Having a balanced diet maintains the testosterone level. Both increase and decrease in testosterone can affect your hair growth.

Hence, apart from using external mediums to promote your beard growth, focus on your diet plan as well.


A regular workout keeps your blood circulation high. This helps in maintaining and promoting your beard growth and quality.

Few exercises like heavy squats and high intensity training has also shown a significant amount of increment in your testosterone level. This can lead to a faster and proper growth of your beard.

The sweat during your exercise removes the extra oil from your facial roots keeping your beard quality intact. Try to keep a daily exercise routine for 40 minutes. This will help your beard to improve its growth and quality.


It is often seen that the major cause for your beard discoloration and ill growth is due to your stress level and sleep cycle.

Getting 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night will give your facial hair a noticeable increase in strength and speed up the growth. Decrease in your sleep cycle discourages beard growth because your body isn’t in recovery mode long enough to actually help rejuvenate your beard and skin.

Also getting proper sleep reduces your stress level which helps to promote your facial hair growth.

These were few essential grooming tips for your beard. Start following these tips and sooner you will be getting a proper shaped dense manly beard.

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