15 Proven Ways To Reduce Abdominal Fat / Belly Fat – Time To Burn Them

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Are you the one who is quite worried about your belly fat ? Want to reduce your abdominal fat but not getting proper solutions ? Welcome to this post ! In this post I will be sharing with you top effective ways to reduce your stern belly fats. I will keep this post as crisp as possible for your better understanding. Let’s begin the journey of “Proven Ways To Reduce Belly Fat “.

Remember one thing belly fat not only makes you feel low or lower your personality but also increases the chances of your health risks. Diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, severe cardiovascular diseases gets a high spike when you have a high amount of fat present in your body.

Here are few effective ways which you should start adapting immediately if you have a good amount of belly fat in your body. Neglecting your fats will land you in a more troublesome zone in near future.


Complex Carbohydrates are those carbohydrates which takes longer time duration to break in our body. These carbohydrates takes time to digest and hence keeps your stomach full for a longer duration. This category includes whole foods like whole wheat chapatis, rice, potatoes, lentils.

Simple Carbohydrates are the type which you get from processed foods, beverages, chocolates, pizzas, juices. They contain a high amount of calories as compared to complex carbohydrates.

Simple carbohydrates creates a high amount of insulin spike in your body. Due to this, you start to feel hungry in a sooner time.

Now you can judge better which carbohydrate to opt for your healthy life. Always try to have complex carbohydrates. Minimal the intake of processed foods, oily foods, sugary beverages as they contain high amount of unnecessary calories. These calories when gets stored in excess amount gets converted into belly fats for future supply of energy + .

+ Our body is a smart system. When it exceeds the necessary maintenance calorie ( the calorie amount which you need for proper energy functioning throughout your day ), it starts reserving the extra calories which you take. These reserved calories are then converted into fat layers which our body stores so as to utilize them in future. Suppose your maintenance calorie is 2200 calories per day and you are taking more than that. So your body will keep those extra overflowing calories and convert them into fat as a future energy reserved source.


You can cut down the amount of carbohydrates instead of good fats. Good fats generally helps to beat the bad fats and keep you in proper shape. Try to have a proper amount of avocados, fish, olive oil, almonds, cheese, eggs everyday. These are the sources of good fats. If keeping the intake quantity to a well proportion dosage these foods can prove to be a very good contributor in curbing your abdominal fats.

If you are having simple carbohydrates try to keep your daily dosage minimum. Remember, the more you overload the more you gain belly fat. Eat wisely !


Your maintenance calorie should be your key goal. Check your maintenance calorie before choosing your diet plan.

Suppose your maintenance calorie comes out to be 2200 Calories / Day. So you need to take care about your meal that it does not exceeds your maintenance calories.

Remember only taking care of your maintenance calories won’t help you to lose your belly fat. The goal should be the amount of calorie intake should be balanced by the same amount of calorie expenditure.

This means you have to burn your daily intake calories to stay in proper shape. Whether you opt to choose workout, running, doing sprints or high intensity training’s it does not matter. You can choose any method to burn your calories which you are in-taking throughout the day.


As I mentioned earlier calculating your maintenance calories and following them won’t help you. Get involved in fitness activities for a minimum time of 30 to 45 minutes everyday. Burn your regular calories as well as your stored fats. Try to maximize your workout potential. Perform fast sprints, abs exercises, high intensity training’s.

Do lots and lots of proper weight training’s. This will help your old settled fats to burn off and stabilize your new ones. If you are a beginner and want to have a beginner’s guide to gym you can check the link below the post.

Invest minimum of 45 minutes everyday in workout’s, lifting weights properly and building muscles.


If your goal is seriously to burn fat then you need to be very serious about your diet. Do not blindly pick your food packages. Invest a couple of minutes to read its food label. This way you will get a clear picture about the whole nutritional information which your package has.

After observing the fats, carbohydrates, sugar content if you feel the package is healthy for you, go for it. In case you feel any amount of high calories, high sugar content present in your food label discard it immediately. Consider it as if you are purchasing a fat promoter for your health. Be wise to observe the label.

95 % of your body fat comes from your kitchen. Hence, you can easily eliminate 95 % of your body fat simply by being wise enough to choose proper food items for our kitchen.


Have you ever seen the label of your beer can ? Your beer contains a very high amount of useless calories than anything else. Having these alcoholic products weekly or bi weekly will definitely promote your fat growth.

If you are working and training hard everyday ( 6 days – 1 hour everyday ), then you might have a single can ( 600 mL ) once in a month.

But again you also know this fact that how adverse affect alcohol has in your neurotransmitters, reduces your nerve actions, increases your cardiovascular diseases. So why to harm your own body. Ban it completely.


Increase your fiber intake everyday. Fibers not only help to keep you free from stomach bloating but also contributes a significant role in fat management. Have oatmeal’s, barley, green leafy vegetables, raw fruits like apple, pear, grapes. Avoid making fruit juices and then drinking them. This way they lose their fibrous properties.


Maintain a high protein diet. Protein plays a very significant role in boosting your metabolism rate. This way your body starts to burn more calories. Also protein promotes muscle growth and is a very essential element for maintaining your bone density, prevent you from various diseases, regulates your body effectively.

Hence consider taking a minimum of 40 % to 60 % protein in your each meal. If your meal is of 100 grams consider to have 40 grams to 60 grams proteins.


It is an observed fact that if you are having a high stress level then you have a very high chance of gaining more fat as compared to those who has less stress level. Try to minimize your daily stress. Adopt the practice of meditation, do training sessions, workouts to reduce your stress.

This way you will be able to deal with your stress as well as manage your physic properly.


Sugary foods contains a high amount of empty calories which harms you more than doing any good.

Sugary foods make you less filling hence you start to feel hungry in a less duration of time. This results you in over eating, increase the amount of calories and makes your belly a fat deposition place.

Sugary foods creates a high insulin spike in your body developing high cardiovascular risks in your body. These refined foods and beverages does not contains proper amount of antioxidants, hence damages your entire dietary system.

It is found that a person suffering from obesity significantly consumes a high amount of sugar based foods in their daily life. Hence cut off such foods, beverages, juices, processed foods which has a high sugar content.


Maintain a proper sleep cycle of 7 hours to 8 hours everyday. A study was conducted and it has been observed that the person who maintained a sleep cycle of 5 hours everyday generally gained more body fat as compared to those who maintained a 7 hours cycle.

Leptin is a hormone released from fat cells. It suppresses hunger and signals fullness in the brain. When you do not get adequate sleep, the body makes more ghrelin ( hunger hormone ) and less leptin, leaving you hungry and increasing your appetite.


Cardio training’s are the best option which one can opt for losing fat. Maintaining a healthy diet plan and having a high intensity cardio training is the best option one can chose to reduce their abdominal fats.

Cardio training’s may include sprint sets, treadmill sprints, jogging and brisk walking for 45 minutes.

The best time to have cardio sessions is either early morning after you wake up and have a glass of luke warm water with lemon or during evening time.


I recommend everyone to get a good fitness tracking application either in their phone, smartwatches or laptop ( such as Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal ). This will help you to calculate your daily calorie intake, carbohydrates you took, fats and protein amount.

Hence, you can judge yourself better and improve your diet plan from next day to set your fat loss goal.


If you ask me what is the godfather ingredient for fat loss. Mine answer will be this.

Apple cider vinegar is a vinegar made from fermented apple juice. Have a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water every morning in empty stomach.

Apple cider vinegar acts as a probiotic which will help your gut in digestion process throughout the day. Do this for one month and watch the extra support which you will be getting in your fat loss goal.

Also apple cider vinegar is very effective for maintaining your stomach acid level thus improves your digestion and keeps your metabolism active.


This is the another key item which you can take daily. Green tea has a high amount of Catechins which is a very good antioxidant.

Green tea has fat burning property. The caffeine present in green tea acts as a stimulant that has shown to aid fat burning and improves exercise performance in various studies.

Make a habit of having 2 cups of green tea everyday to boost your fat burning process and keep you fit.

These were few key tips to how to lose your belly fat. Develop these habits and maintain a dedicated cycle for one month and watch the change. All the best !

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