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Have you ever wondered why you fail to achieve a great muscle pump after your workout ? Also sometimes you might feel your muscles are not getting pumped enough during your workout sessions. This might happen due to several reasons which you fail to observe and apply. In this blog post you will get relevant tips to boost and maximize your muscle pump effectively.

If you are not getting enough pump then that might be a bit problematic for you. This way you are losing your energy, time duration and money.

If you are among those, then this post guide is for you. These tips are very simple and friendly to apply in your workout routine. Follow these for 2 weeks and witness the change. So Lets Get Started !


Definitely nutrition plays the most significant role in muscle building. For promoting your muscle pump you can have a good quantity of complex carbohydrate foods. You can have these foods specially after your workout session preferably after 45 mins.

Foods such as brown rice, sweet potatoes, healthy pastas, whole grains are a great source of complex carbohydrates. Having complex carbs in your diet plan also helps you to reduce your belly fat and maintain abdominal shape.


Water plays a very significant role in muscle pumping. When the layers of our muscles are well hydrated they give a better pump. Drink atleast 500 to 700 ml of water during your workout sessions. You can also add a proper amount of BCAA’s or EAA’s in your water and consume it as your intra-workout.

Keeping your muscles hydrated not only gives you a better muscle pump but also prevents you from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness ( Specially for the new Beginners or those who have resumed their workout session after a long time ).


Try to have a dosage of 30 grams to 50 grams protein after your workout session. Preferably have lean source of protein. Your muscle pump criteria significantly relies on your post workout protein.

Maintain a high protein diet. Protein plays a very significant role in boosting your metabolism rate. This way your body starts to burn more calories. Also protein promotes muscle growth and is a very essential element for maintaining your bone density, prevent you from various diseases, regulates your body effectively.

Hence, consider taking a minimum of 40 % to 60 % protein in your each meal. If your meal is of 100 grams consider to have 40 grams to 60 grams proteins.


Mind connection is equally important in your workout. Develop a high range of mind connection. Focus on your muscles during each range of sets and reps during your workout.

Keep a high concentration on your specific body part which you are training for that particular day. It will give you amazing benefits and will definitely support your muscle pump.


For promoting your muscle pump it is very important to contract your muscles properly. Maintain a high range of tension in your muscles during your exercises.

Your muscles are divided into several layers. Keeping a high contraction gives you a better pump due to the tension produced between each fiber layers.


To get a good pump during or after your workout, it is highly recommended to have a good co- ordination of weights.

Keep increasing your weights after each set. If your goal is to be lean muscular then you can keep increasing your weights after each set. Whereas if your aim is to bulk up then you can keep decreasing your weights after each set ( Begin your set with heavy weights and gradually decrease the weights after each set respectively ).

It is recommended that never keep your weights same for every sets. Maintaining a good weight proportion and coordinating with it properly will result you in giving a high muscle pump.


Number of repetitions plays a very vital role in pumping your muscles.

If you are among those who is failing to achieve a good muscle pump then you should opt to have a repetition of 12 reps to 15 reps in each set of exercise. The more you contract your muscles initially, the more you will pump up your muscles. But consider to follow all the tips in this article.

Simply increasing your repetitions won’t help you to achieve a great muscle pump.


Having a good pre-workout is very beneficial in achieving a great pump. If opting for natural supplement you can opt to have an apple or black coffee 40 minutes before your workout. Either you can have a correct dosage of Creatine.

A pre workout will provide great energy, strength and good pump during and after your workout session.


Do a minimum of 20 minutes active stretching before beginning your training. Cover stretching exercises for all your body parts before beginning your workout. Also, once you feel your muscles are heated and warmed up properly then only begin with your session. This will help you to achieve a good muscle pump.

Warming up your muscles properly will improve your blood circulation and bring a better pump in your muscles. It will prevent you from cramps, muscle injuries, tissue ruptures and dislocation of joints.

Including few sprints, push ups, yoga and joint exercises can be a good idea to opt for before beginning your hardcore training.


Many body builders gets sleep deprived. If you are one of them, then indirectly it brings your body recovery rate down. When body recovery rate degrades it will directly affects your muscle pump.

Having a good sound sleep of 7 hours to 8 hours will benefit you. Your muscle will get a better recovery rate and you will get a good pump during your next workout session.

I hope now you will follow all these simple and basic tips and achieve a beast muscle pump.

Do comment below regarding your queries, opinions and experiences.

Keep working ! Stay Fit !

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